Why don’t you take an offering?

Why don’t you take an offering?

Regarding why we don’t take an offering

From a recent email I received:

Pastor Stewart,

I recently visited your church and was surprised that you don’t take an offering during your services. I wasn’t offended, but want to know why you don’t take offerings. I believe that Christians are to give, but must also be given an opportunity to give. Is there a reason you don’t allow your congregants to give their tithes and offerings to the church?

Just curious,


Danielle, thank you for writing to me with such an excellent and important question. We do allow people to give their tithes and offerings. We have an Agape Bos located at the back of the sanctuary, under a sign that mentions the Agape Box. Gifts and offerings may be placed there. We also have online giving as an option through our website: ccpvaz.com.

My reasoning behind not passing a plate during the service is two-fold. First, I never want anyone to feel uncomfortable about giving. In my experience some people feel put on the spot when offerings are collected during the service. Some have no money to give, some have little, some aren’t prepared to give and feel embarrassed when they let the plate pass by. I don’t want people to feel uncomfortable,

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I never want anyone to give under compulsion. Christians should give. But not when pressured, pushed or compelled. At Countryside Chapel, we are not about money. I would much rather people give under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We are not a wealthy church, but God, through our members, has been faithful to provide for our needs. The late Pastor Chuck Smith once made a declaration that is an axiom in our church. He said, “Where God guides, He provides.”

Before giving to our church, if you choose to give, pray about it in advance. Ask God to let you know what He wants you to give. Once the Holy Spirit inspires you, follow through in giving or not giving.

We will never make giving a circus show. We want to focus on Jesus, not figuring out ways to push people to give. Therefore, we don’t pass a plate or put people on the spot. We leave it all up to the Holy Spirit working in your life.

Blessings to you in Christ Jesus.

Pastor Stewart


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