Prophecy Updates

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The Hook in Russia’s Jaw (Prophecy Update March 2022)

Students of Bible prophecy are all wondering about Rosh, Gog and Magog right now, even as the world watches wars and rumors of wars. Could God be putting the hook in Russia’s proverbial jaw to draw them down to the mountains of Israel? As world events are seemingly repeating those which started off World War II, we as Christians need to remain informed and alert concerning today’s circumstances which could lead to World War III.
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Prophecy Update February 2022 – Ezekiel 38-39 and Revelation 19

Bible prophecy and current events in February, 2022 Russia attacks Ukraine in its quest to reconstruct and restore the OldSoviet Union. Ukrainians are being murdered by the current evil empireknown as Russia. Russia is becoming aligned with China, North Korea, Iran, Syria,Turkey (NATO member) and has energy ties to most of eastern andwestern Europe. If you were alive during the 1920’s through the 1940s, and had the giftof foreknowledge, would you have taken steps to prevent World War II? 1932-1933,…